Project news

30. 9. 2016

greenGain conference and workshop in Germany, 21.- 22.10.2016

The greenGain project is organizing a conference and a workshop dedicated to explore the role and potential of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work for renewable energy production in European regions. The event will take place on 21. – 22. October 2016 in Soltau, Lower Saxony (Germany). Presentations and...

21. 6. 2016

Summary of the SWG3 “Policy, Finance and Public Participation” teleconference

The first meeting of the greenGain Stakeholder Working Group 3 (SWG3) “Policy, Finance and Public Participation” was held in two separate sessions on 4. 2. and 11. 2. 2016. Altogether six experts took part in the first session of the SWG: David Butler Manning, Christoph Schurr, Rainer Zenthöfer, Marie Bergmann,...