23. 9. 2015

The second project meeting of greenGain in Magione

The second project meeting of the greenGain consortium was held in Magione (Perugia, Italy), in the beautiful landscape of the Trasimeno lake and of the Tiber valley on 4/5 June 2015. The meeting was organised by the regional partner Comunità Montana-Associazione dei Comuni Trasimeno-Medio Tevere with the support of the technical partner SOGESCA.


After a first day of internal meeting among technical and regional partners based on planning and on technical and administrative discussions about the project implementation,  the second day was dedicated to a series of site visits to interesting locations:

The first visit was to the Centro Ricerca per le Biomasse (CRB – Biomass Research Centre) at the University of Perugia, an important reference centre at national level for research on biofuels and biomass for energy. After a first introduction by the director dr. Cotana, a presentation of the research activities of the centre and of the laboratories was conducted by eng. Cavalaglio.

The second visit was done in Torgiano to the Lungarotti wine cellar, which has an operational biomass-plant used for process heating and cooling for wine production, using LCMW pruning trenches from vineyards. The project for the LCMW biomass management and conversion system was designed in cooperation with CRB.

The third visit was conducted in Trevi to the the Agroenergia Pietrarossa farm. The farm is an example of closed cycle of energy and materials: starting from livestock it produces milk, with the slurry and manure it produces electricity and heat through biogas and finally it has a composting plant with production of fertilizer from digestate and other farming by-products.

Authors: Gianfranco Lazzarin, Paolo Burini

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