22. 5. 2017

First project results presented in scientific community at the EGU 2017

For two days, Aline Clalüna from COALS represented the greenGain project at the EGU General Assembly in April 2017. With 4,849 oral, 11,312 poster, and 1,238 PICO presentations the conference was a great success, drawing 14,496 scientists from 107 countries to Vienna.

On Tuesday, 25. April COALS participated at the session “Soils of marginal lands, – definition, assessment and land use options” organised by the sister EU-project SEEMLA at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2017. Presentations on the classification, potential assessment and policies of marginal lands showed the various aspects of this land type. Many in landscape types, which are analysed in greenGain, fall in this category and show related features. For instance, one presentation described the characteristics of underutilised agricultural land, which is related to the LCMW type “Restore agricultural land“ in the Spanish greenGain pilot regions. Further, an approach to define and assess soil quality and potential productivity of marginal lands showed a different approach but also similarities to the biomass assessments conducted for the LCMW types in greenGain (D5.2). Contributions on policies and decision support for sustainable biomass production for bioenergy closed the morning session, adding further insights for the work on regulations and policy frameworks in greenGain.

Before the evening poster session at which COALS presented the greenGain project and the findings of the biomass assessment (D5.2), a splinter meeting for invited guests of the SEEMLA session was organised. Experts contributing with posters, among them Aline Clalüna for greenGain, received here the possibility to present their project in a short talk with following discussion. The work done in greenGain led to several questions, especially regarding the planned biomass platform in Italy.

During the attended sessions, discussions and meetings COALS could disseminate the results achieved by greenGain, exchange experiences and get insight in other projects working in the field of biomass. Finally yet importantly new contacts were made to foster the exchange of knowledge to and from other projects as well as scientific experts, also after the 2017 EGU.

Pictures and Author: Aline Clalüna

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