11. 7. 2017

Final conference of the greenGain project will highlight untapped bioenergy potential

The greenGain project is organising its final conference on 21. 11. 2017 from 8:00 until 13:00 in Brussels (The Egg). The event will be part of the conference European Bioenergy Future (EBF) thanks to our cooperation with AEBIOM. The greenGain session “Biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work for renewable energy production” will bring attention to the often untapped potential of woody and herbaceous residues which originate during regular maintenance of public parks, roadsides, hedge rows or other green spaces. The focus is on increasing the market uptake of these biomass sources to supply renewable energy producers such as heating plants or biogas plants.


Speakers will present results of the greenGain project, exchange knowledge with experts in the field from various European countries, share interesting good practices in EU’s regions, but also discuss the day-to-day challenges of utilizing this type of feedstock.

The first panel will highlight the role of bioenergy and utilization of feedstock originating during landscape conservation and maintenance work for the EU. It will bring attention to the rationale behind utilization of this feedstock, what can be done to facilitate its use and discuss relevant policy, governance and financial aspects.

The second panel will present interesting regional initiatives which are already working on or exploring ways to valorise this type of feedstock in Valencia (Spain), Umbria (Italy) or Friesland (Germany) to untap its potential for bioenergy production and regional development.

Before lunch attendees of the greenGain session will then participate in an interactive card exchange session and after the lunch join the main track of the European Bioenergy Future conference in the afternoon.


Participants to the the greenGain session of the EBF 2017 conference (registered via greenGain.eu) can visit the EBF during the first day (21. 11. 2017) without a charge. The capacity of the room is limited. If you represent media or policy makers you can enter both days of the EBF without a charge.

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Author: Jan Doležal

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