19. 7. 2017

greenGain national workshop in Perugia

On Friday 30th of June 2017, the greenGain partners held the fourth greenGain national workshop in the prestigious location of the Regional Council palace in the historical centre of Perugia, Italy. The main focus of the workshop was the discussion about the feasibility of a Biomass Trade and Logistic Centre (BTLC), otherwise called Logistic Platform, in the area of the Trasimeno region. This center has the potential to increase market uptake of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW).  The first part of the workshop, in the morning, was dedicated to the presentations of representatives from academia, policy makers and private companies, the second part, in the afternoon, to a moderated  discussion among stakeholders regarding the BTLC and other important aspects of the management of LCMW biomass in the Trasimeno region, such as logistics, technical problems  and related costs.

Present and future of bioenergy in Trasimeno

Picture 1: The Director of CM-ACT Louis Montagnoli introducing the greenGain Project (photo by Christiane Volkmann)

Louis Montagnoli from CM-ACT introduced the morning session of the workshop and presented the greenGain project. Federico De Filippi of SOGESCA, also representing the greenGain project, provided a case study and business model of the BTLC (Biomass Trade and Logistic Centre).  Speakers with a diverse expertise presented their positions or experiences regarding the exploitation of LCMW biomass. The political address was provided by the Assessor for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Umbria Region Fernanda Cecchini, which is one of the main policy maker and potential supporter of the greenGain initiatives while the Director of the Energy Sector, Andrea Monsignori, defined the regional policy implementation framework.  An academic overview was provided by Franco Cotana, director of the Biomass Research Centre of Perugia while Antonio Brunori and Primo Proietti of the University of Perugia displayed the regional funding opportunities through the Rural Development Program. The point of view of private entrepreneurs was provided by three representatives of agro-energy enterprises, Andrea Scaltritti (Montevarchi Energia) and Simone Baglioni (EcoEnergie) from Italy and Arne Memmen (AGRARService) from Germany. Other presentations included representatives of two of the three main Italian farmers’ associations, Domenico Brugnoni of CIA (also chairman of AIEL) and Federico Cappelli for Coldiretti. In general, all interventions were encouraging towards the initiative of the BTLC. Please download the presentations here for a more detailed insight.

Picture 2: Federico De Filippi presenting the ongoing business model of the BTLC (photo by Christiane Volkmann)

Picture 3: Arne Memmen of AGRARService (Germany) illustrating their experience in LCMW biomass management (photo by Christiane Volkmann)

Picture 4: Paolo Burini of CM-ACT illustrating the results of the biomass production potential assessment in the Trasimeno area (photo by Christiane Volkmann)

Roundtable on the Biomass logistic centre in Trasimeno

Picture 5: The discussion during the afternoon session working group (photo by Jan Doležal).

The afternoon session was structured as a working group in which a round table with representatives of all actors involved in the LCMW biomass value chain discussed the starting point and the way forward for the LCMW sustainable business development and the planning process of the Biomass Trade and Logistic Centre (BTLC). The main points of the discussion were about logistic arrangements, sharing the collection costs between private and public actors and encouraging farmers and LCMW biomass management companies to deliver a good quality biomass to the BTLC. In the next months, the presented arguments will have to be further evaluated in all these aspects, by doing different simulations, distinct for territorial, rural, instrumental and managerial features.

The workshop was organised by the Mountain Community of Trasimeno – Association of the Municipalities of the Middle Tiber (CM-ACT) with the support of SOGESCA, members of the greenGain consortium, as part of the 2017 edition of the EUSEW (European Union Sustainable Energy Week).

Author: Federico De Filippi (SOGESCA)

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