9. 11. 2017

Fire protection belt along local tracks in Bajo Aragón

Forest fires prevention strategy is a relevant topic for the administration or corresponding responsible body but also for the general public due to the environmental and social impact associated to forest fires. Moreover, this type of actions are highly resources consuming, therefore alternatives to reduce the costs, increase the performance yield of the operations and increase the total surface of activity which will contribute to reduce the risk of forest fire spreading are being seek.

The work carried out during the pilot experience was focused towards a strategy to reduce the high density of vegetation which combined with the topography of the terrain, will act as a passive infrastructure to prevent forest fires in the area. It is also designed to improve and complete infrastructures that allow a better access to the nearby agricultural fields, improve the state of the natural heritage and give a final use to the biomass that is currently crushed and left in the soil as a nutrient. In order to implement such strategy different stakeholders combined efforts to organize the work and extract the biomass.

The cleaning operation of the pathside was carried out along a 5 km track catalogued as livestock track. The cleaning operation was performed on 10 m wide strips on each side of the path, which is surrounded by agricultural fields.

Author: Maider Gomez

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