16. 11. 2017

Restoration of abandoned agricultural lands in valleys and ravine cleaning in Matarraña

The first challenge deals with finding an area fulfilling the required conditions, being in an abandoned state, interest from a local farmer to put it back into cultivation, agreement of the current owner to give up the field, agreement of the surrounding field owners to establish access paths. The goal of this type of action is to contribute to the forest fire prevention strategy, increase or improve the access and contribute to the rural development.

Mechanical clearing with tractor and crusher were carried out to remove the existing herbaceous, woody and shrub vegetation in order to eliminate the biomass fuel in case there was a fire in the surrounding forest and allow to put the agriculture field back into cultivation. When the field conditions did not allow to use mechanical means, the clearing was done manually. Existing fruit trees have been abandoned for a long time, so a severe pruning of the existing trees, especially olives, was carried out to rejuvenate them and extend their life, contributing to the conservation of this traditional crop. Additionally, numerous operations were carried out to improve the state of the existing accesses and open new access paths.

Author: Maider Gomez

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