18. 11. 2017

Clearing reeds in Matarraña and Bajo Aragón

The collaboration with the project greenGain has allowed to address a recurrent problem not only in the model regions participating in the project but also other surrounding regions. This type of biomass is currently not used for energy purposes or at all in most cases, neither integrated as nutrient back into the soil. Furthermore, the utilization of this type of feedstock for energy purposes is seen by the stakeholders dealing with this invasive species as an interesting alternative since they have to carry out the maintenance work anyway and the retribution obtained could decrease the current cost associated to the work performance and decrease the impact in case of flooding and fire risk.

Biomass was collected from three different sites aiming to compile data from the different locations in which reeds are usually found (riversides, ravines and boundaries of agricultural fields). The aim of these operations was to eliminate this invasive species to avoid fire risk and mainly risk of blockage in case of flooding. These operations are carried out periodically due to the growing capacity of reeds, since the root is not extracted during the cutting operations.

For the cutting process manual means available at local level were used (in general with scissors), if further development of the supply chain based in this resource was carried out it would be very interesting to improve the performance by means of using mechanical means.

Author: Maider Gomez

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