22. 11. 2017

Maintenance of abandoned olive plantations in the Mountain Community of the Trasimeno Lake

The Mountain Community of Trasimeno – Association of Municipality of the Middle Tiber  (CM-ACT) is a territory of 13 municipalities in the Umbria Region. Its beautiful hilly landscape is more than 50% under the Regional Landscape Protection Law and is composed of large areas of olive groves that represents together with vineyards one of the distinctive features of the landscape. In addition to agricultural production, rural tourism is a very important activity in economic terms with over 150 active companies and obviously the landscape is a fundamental part of the touristic offer.  The conservation and maintenance of the territory, in addition to the work of farmers, provide quality and value to the landscape.

Due to the economic crisis, the dropout rate related to olive plantations farming is increasing and the setting up of an energy supply chain might not only have a function of environment protection but may encourage the maintenance of the landscape and provide an income to local farmers.

Local actors could contribute to create sustainable energy value chains based on the use of residual biomasses obtained from various pruning activities, such as maintenance of nursery, vineyards and olive plantations. The collection of all those kind of biomasses, properly treated in biomass centres (such as logistic platform), could be economically profitable due to avoiding cost for energy procurement and for disposal of materials.

Author: Federico De Filippi 

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