28. 11. 2017

Back at the successfully finished greenGain project

The H2020-funded project greenGain is coming to its successful end in December 2017 after duration of three years and the greenGain Consortium is very proud about what was achieved during the project and its lift-time ahead. All project activities have been finalized until the end this year 2017.

The final conference of the greenGain project took place in Brussels on 21st November 2017. Beside other reports the main results of the project are summarized in the business cases, strategy paper and handbook. The project partners implemented pilot experiences in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Germany.

The motivation behind all these activities and events of the project was to:

  • trigger the exploitation and coordinate as well as support the market uptake of currently underused biomass sources from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW) for energy purposes,
  • mobilize biomass not competing with food and feed production,
  • assess and develop planning, harvesting, transport, pre-treatment, measuring, energy conversion and financial frameworks,
  • support local governance processes, develop tools for an active & supportive citizenship and realise a good practices know-how platform.

The project showed that LCMW biomass is a possible alternative source for bioenergy and that it is worth to focus on this feedstock and to include it in already existing value chains to support the energy transition in Europe.

The greenGain Consoritum would like to thank all participants who actively followed the project, with your support, greenGain could be finished successfully. We are very proud to present all the results which consider not only practical but also economic, financial and political points of view to raise the awarness and the use of LCMW biomass for bioenergy purposes.

All results and activities produced and organised during the greenGain project as well as all articles and deliverables are available on the greenGain website. Furthermore, the greenGain PLATFORM contains a lot of knowledge about LCWM biomass, other similar projects, a list of experts in the field and additional literature.

Author: Christiane Volkmann (FNR)

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