1. 12. 2017

Political recommendations and practical guidelines to increase the market uptake of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW)

It was the main aim of greenGain to strengthen the energy use of regional and local biomass from maintenance of green areas and landscape elements, which is performed in the public interest. Goal of the project and main outcomes are guidelines and recommendations for relevant players in the EU, providing knowledge covering practical and political points of view.


The aim of the handbook for know-how is to provide an overview of the steps to successfully implement an energy production chain based on biomass from LCMW (planning, collection of the biomass, transport, storage, conversion to energy, involvement of stakeholders, cost-benefit analysis). The document summarizes the assessment to be carried out in term of biomass potential, project feasibility, supply logistics, demand and supply match and quality of the obtained product.

The handbook further covers the most important parameters that should be considered to develop a value chain based on LCMW biomass, including the selection of the most suitable conversion technologies and continuous optimization of all relevant aspects.


The strategy paper for EU policy makers includes recommendations on how to foster the use of LCMW material, how to minimize barriers and risks, how to support and increase the market uptake of this biomass type and finally how to raise the awareness of this underused resource. Recommendations within the strategy paper cover legal, financial and technical frameworks but also public acceptance on a European level. General conclusions for policy makers are that the use of LCMW biomass, which is seasonally scattered, spatially inhomogeneous consisting of different types of material (woody, herbaceous or a mix of both), requires flexible, long-termed and dynamic frameworks to guarantee successful value chains.


Author: Maider Gomez & Christiane Volkmann

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