21. 10. 2016 greenGain Conference: Biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work as a source of renewable energy



Welcoming and introduction ”The greenGain project and its regional, national and international goals”

Wibke Baumgarten, FNR


09:05 – 10:45

Meeting the renewable energy needs with sustainable sources of biomass



Renewable energy goals and policies in the EU, role of biomass in the energy mix

Uwe R. Fritsche, IINAS


Role of biomass energy in German regions

Hermann Hansen, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR)


European Bioenergy Outlook – AEBIOM Statistical Report 2016



Biomass sources available in the EU, domestic potential and global context

Berien Elbersen, WAGENINGEN UR


10:45 – 11:15 Coffee Break


11:15 – 13:00 Biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW) for energy production.



Feedstock: biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work

Daniel García Galindo, Maider Gomez Palmero, CIRCE


Exploitation: best technologies and pathways for energy utilization

Frederik Köster, LiPRO Energy


Policy and finance: finding the right frameworks

Berien Elbersen, WAGENINGEN UR



Summary and closing words

Wibke Baumgarten, FNR


13:00 Lunch


21. 10. 2016 greenGain Workshop: Networking and presentation of good practices from the German regions


14:00 – 14:30

Introduction to workshop and gathering of questions & issues to discuss

Aline Clalüna, COALS


14:30 – 15:20 Local initiatives and administration


Program for maintenance of hedgerows on banks and regulation of traditional Easter fires

Jens Eden, Untere Naturschutzbehörde Landkreis Friesland (Lower Nature Protection Agency county Friesland)

Bioenergie Initiative county Rotenburg (Wümme)

Ulrike Jungemann, Stabsstelle Kreisentwicklung (section Regional Development)


15.20 – 15.35 Coffee Break


15:35 – 16:25 Maintenance work and transport



Utilization of biomass from road maintenance work

Ralf Ratajczak, Leiter Straßenmeisterei Bremervörde (manager of road maintenance agency Bremervörde)


Transport and logistics of landscaping material

Arne Memmen, Betrieb Agrarservice Memmen (Company Agrarservice Memmen)



16:25 – 17:15 Feedstock utilization



Waste Management, Logistics, Compost

Andreas Melle, Anlagenleitung Entsorgungsbetrieb K-Nord (manager of the disposal service company K-Nord)

Production of heat with landscaping material

Christian Kühn, Werkleiter Bayernfonds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & Co. KG (plant manager Bayernfonds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & Co. KG)



Summary and closing words

Aline Clalüna, COALS


22. 10. 2016 Site visit and fair “Heizen mit Holz”


09:00 Leave hotel by bus


10:30 Visit company Raiffeisen Agil, Leese

The cooperative company Raiffeisen Agil in Leese (Germany) was in the field of bioenergy one of the earliest starters. On an area of 71 hectares an industrial complex has developed, which now houses 15 companies with 120 staff members, generating enough energy with wood chips and biogas to cover its own requirements.

The company has specialised itself on alternative energy sources. Particularly in the case of supply with renewable raw materials such as wood, the Raiffeisen Agil is one of the largest suppliers in Northern Germany. Quality-tested wood chips, pellets, briquettes, firewood, bio-filter material and decorative mulch are produced for retail trade in the own machinery.


12:00 Lunch


13:00 Travel to fair at Fuhrberg by bus


14:00 Tour around the fair Heizen mit Holz with organisator Carsten Brüggemann

Every two years an exhibition with practical demonstrations is organised by the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (COALS) in cooperation with different partners, to show the newest technology for the use of renewable energy with focus on biomass. Approximately 100 companies present their products and services, supported by associations and institutions which give tips and recommendation for the use of renewable energies. Participants of the greenGain conference and workshop will have the possibility to visit the exhibition for free.


15:00 Independent visit of the fair


17:00 Lumberjack-Party with exhibitors and dinner

The dinner will be offered to participant of the conference and workshop. A collective transportation back to the hotel in Soltau is organised.