9. 2. 2017

SWG 1 “Feedstock Supply Concepts” 3rd telephone conference


Supporting Sustainable Energy Production from Biomass from Landscape Conservation and Maintenance Work

9th February 2017, 10.00 – 12:00 (CET)



If you would like to be part of greenGain Stakeholder working group focused on Feedstock Supply Concepts related to the energy utilisation of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work please contact Aline Clalüna aline.claluena@lwk-niedersachsen.de

Stakeholder Working Groups

The purpose of the Stakeholder Working Groups (SWG) is to ensure an efficient involvement of relevant stakeholders for the coordination and support of knowledge transfer and the concept replication throughout the duration of the project. It is expected that the stakeholders provide guidance and specific expert information on applied concepts and actual developments on barriers and bridges regarding Landscape Conservation and Maintenance Work topics (LCMW). This information will profoundly complement the gathered information from literature and desk research within the greenGain project.

The members of the SWG will evaluate results from the project and develop final recommendations. They are part of the project and as such they will be informed regularly about the project progress.

Bi-annual telephone conferences are the base for the SWGs. The first ones were held in January 2016, followed by the second round in September 2016. The members will be informed by email about the next telephone conference and all topics and questions which will be discussed. Furthermore participants will be invited to national greenGain workshops and the international greenGain conferences to develop a flexible network of interested parties.

1st SWG 1 teleconference (28. 1. 2016)

2nd SWG1 teleconference (13.10.2016)