Project news

9. 11. 2017

Fire protection belt along local tracks in Bajo Aragón

Forest fires prevention strategy is a relevant topic for the administration or corresponding responsible body but also for the general public due to the environmental and social impact associated to forest fires. Moreover, this type of actions are highly resources consuming, therefore alternatives to reduce the costs, increase the performance...

6. 11. 2017

The energy along our roads

In the German pilot region Rotenburg (Wümme), a specialised roadside maintenance agency manages mainly through tendering the vegetation along the federal and county roads. The work includes cutting of branches, dead wood, stem budding, coppicing (cutting to trunk), rejuvenation and removal of inferior trees. Today, nearly 100 % of the...

3. 11. 2017

Do it like the Frisians: burn your cultural heritage

The so-called “Wallhecken” or “Knicks” are hedge- and tree rows on earthen banks. They have been cultivated since the middle ages for the purpose of fencing arable and pasture land. As cultural landscape element in the county Friesland in northern Germany, they give shape to a distinctive aesthetic scenery. They...