The INFORMATION PLATFORM provides information on biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work with a focus on energy utilization of this feedstock.

This website is intended for experts in the field as well as the general public. We gather information on the potential of feedstock from public areas, its use as a source of renewable energy and the broader policy, economic and social context of its utilization in EU countries.

greenGain project

This website has been created as part of the greenGain project. Its aim is to promote the energy use of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW), to unlock its potential and to contribute to achieving renewable energy goals in the EU.

Mission and rationale

The INFORMATION PLATFORM aims to collect relevant information and data related to the energy utilization of biomass originating in the maintenance of public areas and to provide this information in an easy and accessible way.

Information on biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work or public green areas is scattered in various places, a situation that is not surprising. One can identify many types of this feedstock (grass, leaves, branches, etc.), maintained public spaces (parks, sport facilities, waterways, hedgerows, etc.), regimes, plans, options and technologies for its disposal or use. European countries have different policies and incentives influencing the management of public green space and varying requirements if the biomass is used as a source of energy.

The INFORMATION PLATFORM mission is to provide comprehensive source of information and share existing knowledge in order to increase the market uptake of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work for energy production in the EU.



greenGain project partners during a meeting in Prague (November 2015)