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D3.7 Handbook for know-how on LCMW chains 

This document provides an overview of the steps from the identification of the biomass potential from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW) as an opportunity for energy generation, to the description of the value chain considered for the pilot experiences in the greenGain model regions along with the extracted main conclusions. The deliverable covers the most important parameters that should be considered to assess the feasibility to develop a value chain based on biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work including the selection of the most suitable conversion technologies and continuous optimization of all included aspects.

PDF (11.33 MB)

D4.3 Business models of most economic conversion pathways 

This document addresses business opportunities arising from landscape management activities. In the first case, specialized subcontracting to produce wood chips and in the second case, application of grass in an existing wet-biogas plants were investigated.

PDF (2.62 MB)

D5.5 Follow-up report of the pilot experiences 

Pilot experiences have been performed in each model region of the four project countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain) targeting the most promising LCMW biomass types at the local level. This document is a report on the observed, gathered and analysed information.

PDF (25.11 MB)

D6.4 Strategy paper for EU policy makers 

This strategy paper demonstrates chances and perspectives of the biomass originating from landscape conversion and maintenance work (LCMW) and provides recommendations/measures for responsible policy makerson how to foster this type of biomass.

PDF (13.49 MB)

D2.8 Fourth National workshop summaries: minutes and highlights 

This document is a report from the fourth greenGain national workshop, which took place on 30 June 2017 in Perugia, Italy.

PDF (1.75 MB)

D6.2 Online expert interview database policies, finance tools, legal regulations, public support and good governance 

In greenGain’s WP6 “Policies, Finance, Governance and Public acceptance” stakeholders from local, national and European level have been interviewed to receive theoretical and practical information on policies, finance, governance and public acceptance. The report about the interviews performed, the questionnaire and the summaries of 25 interviews can be downloaded here.

PDF (1.35 MB)

D6.3 Implementation plans for legal, finance, governance as well as public participation measures developed to be implemented in model regions 

The deliverable D6.3 presents an individual set of measures for the seven greenGain model regions and the local players to improve the current situation of the use of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW) in terms of legal regulations, finance tools, public participation and good governance (Task 6.3.1) and a specific plan for the implementation of these measures.

PDF (771.91 KB)

Investigation of a biomass trade and logistic center in the lake Trasimeno region in Italy 

Today the share of renewable energy produced from biomass derived from Landscape Management and Conservation Works is small. This study is one of three within the greenGain project and has been undertaken to investigate measures for mobilizing larger amounts of landscape biomass for energetic purposes. To strengthen the exploitation of landscape biomass the introduction of special Biomass Logistic & Trade Centres (BTLCs) is studied. A BTLC could provide various basic services such as the upgrading of the out-of-specification material to a usable fuel, quality control, product certification, packing and shipping to customer.

PDF (1.46 MB)