CTAER (Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies)

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CTAER (Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies)  CTAER (Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies) ES/EU

Expertise (field of activity): CTAER’s main objective is to contribute to a greater use of renewable energy through research, technology development, transfer, innovation, dissemination and training, in proper and others projects, promoting the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprises and the social and environmental benefits associated with the use of these energy sources.

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(LCMW) Relevance: Projects under execution: LIFE SOSTRICE, LIFE BIOSEVILLE, Hibridación solar-biomasa, Desarrollo multifuncional de la máquina de recogida sat-4, Cenit Biosos "Biorrefinería sostenible" II, Bio-AndaluS



FNR - The Agency for Renewable Resources
Christiane Volkmann

CZ Biom - Czech Biomass Association
Jan Doležal

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