Stolle, Hinrich

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Stolle, Hinrich  Self-employed DE

Expertise (field of activity): Agricultural forestry; private forest owner

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(LCMW) Relevance: Respondent of the greenGain interviews. Hedge maintenance: Hedges around the estate and fields need to be („put on the stock“) pruned regularly. Trees and shrubs are pruned in order to prevent them from growing into the fields. The maintenance of the hedges is an inconvenient duty, it is a lot of work with only little direct benefit. Instead of value adding lumber only firewood is obtained. Strong wood is handled as firewood, mostly for the own requirements whereas thinner branches are burned in place or left to rot at the field edge. Wood chips from hedge maintenance and forestry residues. Bigger amounts of wood are chopped to woodchips and sold to get combusted in bigger heating systems. Small amounts of wood from forestry residues remain in place.


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