Kralemann, Michael

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Kralemann, Michael  3N Network Renewable Resources – Competence Lower Saxony DE

Expertise (field of activity): Support development and use of marketable products, production methods and services; support cooperation between economy and scientific institutions, represent interest of Lower Saxony on national and international level; engage in regional, national and european projects and initiatives; inform along the production chain of renewable ressources and bionenergy; Bioenergy technology and economy

Contact details:

3N Kompetenzzentrum Niedersachsen Netzwerk Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.
Kompanienstraße 1
49757 Werlte
Tel.: 05951 9893-0

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 12
37075 Göttingen
Tel.: 0551 30738-18


(LCMW) Relevance: Respondent of the greenGain interviews. Part of the INTERREG project


3N Kompetenzzentrum


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FNR - The Agency for Renewable Resources
Christiane Volkmann

CZ Biom - Czech Biomass Association
Jan Doležal

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