A list of experts working in the field of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work, renewable energy and related areas. We also include institutional actors.

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Name Organization Country
Struve, Christian  BERNHARD JÖCKEL - Innovation zum Erfolg DE

Expertise (field of activity): Innovation and network management with technical focus on biomass, energy technologies and energy efficiency, environmental engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, pharmaceuticals, microsystem technology, sensor technology, transportation.

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(LCMW) Relevance: Respondent of the greenGain interviews. Network manager of W-BAST (technology and competence network for material from LCMW in Germany, i. a. value chain, biomass (pre)treatment, material & thermal recycling)


W - Bast


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Expertise (field of activity): 37 years of experience working for the public authorities to the service. It operates, from the provision of agricultural, forestry, livestock, and rural development services, to the conservation and protection of the environment.

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(LCMW) Relevance: Performs rural development works and services, environmental conservation and emergency relief operations.



Vaszkó, Csaba  World Wide Fund Hungary (WWF) HU

Expertise (field of activity): Leader of an expert team on climate change and energy Coordinating multinational and national projects on climate change mitigation, adaptation including renewable energy development with the engagement of private sector companies and municipalities.

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(LCMW) Relevance: Respondent of the greenGain interviews. Maintenance of municipal floodplain habitats and cutting invasive bushes.


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