ILUC Directive (amendments to RED and FQD)

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European Commission  ILUC Directive (amendments to RED and FQD) European Commission 2015 EU

Title (orig.): ILUC Directive (amendments to RED and FQD)

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The Directive aims to promote transition from conventional (starch-rich energy crops) biofuels (with a risk of ILUC emissions) to advanced biofuels (that deliver substantial greenhouse gas savings and low-ILUC) and encourage a greater market penetration of advanced biofuels by allowing such fuels to contribute more to the targets in the RED than conventional biofuels.

The ILUC Directive sets a cap for biofuels produced from energy crops, however, it promotes a production and use of advanced generation biofuels.

References to the RED and FQD that sets out the sustainability criteria. The overall obejctive of the ILUC Directive is to limit ILUC.

In Recital 7 it is recognised that “advanced biofuels, such as those made from wastes and algae, provide high greenhouse gas emission savings, with low risk of causing indirect land use change, and do not compete directly for agricultural land for the food and feed markets. It is appropriate, therefore, to encourage greater research, development and production of such advanced biofuels as they are currently not commercially available in large quantities”. Recital 15 states that “biofuels made from feedstocks that do not lead to additional demand for land, such as those from waste feedstocks, should be assigned a zero emissions factor.” Article 2(1)(p) establishes that ‘waste’ shall be defined as in Article 3(1) of Directive 2008/98/EC. Article 2(2) explains that when setting policies for the promotion of the production of advanced biofuels, MS “shall have due regard to the waste hierarchy as established in Article 4 of Directive 2008/98/EC, including its provisions regarding life-cycle thinking on the overall impacts of the generation and management of different waste streams”.


ILUC Directive (amendments to RED and FQD)


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